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Temperature Control Professionals design custom air conditioning systems and install them for customers located in the Tri-State area, where we design air conditioners for residences, commercial establishments, industries, seafood processing units and storage units, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals etc. Among our customers are Family Dollar, Americas Best Eye Vision, H & R Block and many more reputed businesses throughout the surrounding areas.

We design air conditioning systems from scratch as when we do, our focus is primarily on delivering our customers value for their dollar. Custom designed, our air conditioners have high-efficiency that save on ongoing operational costs for our customers. If the operational costs are low, a well-designed air conditioning system will save you for years on end, placing these saving back in your pocket where they belong.

Our design team will survey the premises requiring air-conditioning, and take notes on our customers requirements regarding desired temperatures and the average duration for which the equipment will operate. We take into consideration the type of material used to construct the space to be conditioned, perform air balance checks and load calculations. We design the type of radiant barriers and attic insulation which helps us to optimize the cost and energy savings our customers should expect.

All components used in designing a custom system are procured from OEMs through reputed and reliable local suppliers. The fabrication of frames, duct work, stainless-steel work and welding is [performed in-house by our teams of expert air-condition engineers, technician and fabricators with highly efficient assembly systems, with zero returns. We also provide plumbing, preventative maintenance, custom sheet metal work and welding services on systems both installed by us or if the equipment was installed by another company.

The quality of our work, prompt customer service, low-cost and the reliability of our custom designed air conditioning systems have earned us a healthy reputation as air conditioning contractors and suppliers in and around the Tri-State area. At Temperature Control Professionals we continuously work towards improving the quality of our work and to be of better service to our customers.

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